How to Achieve Your Dreams

Our high-level one-on-one coaching service for you who really want to turn every rock on earth to discover your full potential and become Sisu Fit, in the best shape of your life!

Have You Ever Wondered...

"Is this all life has to offer?" or "Is this really all I am capable of?" 

Have you ever looked at yourself in a mirror and only seen a shell of yourself? 

If you have, you are not alone. 

You know sports can't fix everything, but it can truly lift your spirits and show just how capable you are to live an incredible life!

In the video to the right, I share my journey from burned-out, a depressed mom who fantasized about nap time and almost daily drove through Starbucks ("Triple shot Americano and a blueberry muffin, please!") to stay awake. As an ex-pat, I was "living a dream", except that it was not my dream. 

I desperately decided to take a deep dive into triathlon and my path was sealed. My journey from Tired Mom Runs to an Ironmom, has equipped me with mental tools I would love to share with my coaching athletes. 

You know where you are... You know where you want to go.. You may already know your why...(and if not, I will help you with that) all that is left is HOW. That's why I am here. I would love to be your how. 

Watch the video on the right to learn about my journey and why I can help you reach your true potential.

Submit your application today 

Only a few coaching spots available

If you are ready to tap into your full potential, don't wait! I only work with a handful of athletes at a time, so spots are limited. At the moment I have spots available, so if you really want to find out what you can achieve, fill in this form to find out if we are a good match. I will touch base with you once I receive the form.

Here are just a few things you will get when committing to one-on-one coaching with me

Individualized  training plan

Your training plans, including comprehensive strength training, are customized to you and delivered to you via a specified training app. A training plan is a "living plan" meaning it will be adjusted to changing circumstances in your life. 

Your training plan is built on solid science-backed principles and adjusted to each training phase/life situation.


You will get quick responses from your coach via either WhatsApp (preferred) or email. You will also talk via Zoom to your coach biweekly (you will book these calls). 

As a high-end athlete,  you will get free, automatic access to Be Sisu Fit Posse (club membership) with educational material and be a member of the BSF community.

You will also get discounted prices for all the other services we offer. 

Support services 

You will also receive sports nutrition and hydration advice, race preparation as well as we will work together in strengthening your mental strength and ability to bounce forward from life's challenges. 

You will also benefit from recovery tips and the mistakes I've made during my journey to my best me.