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a Group of Friends who Share the Love of Movement and Sisu. Empower Your Life Through Movement. Become Part of One Sporty Family!

Welcome to Be Sisu Fit Posse 

Let's Pivot into a Healthier 2021! 

Watch this video from the launch of Posse- a supportive online community accessible for you starting October 4th 2020! 

Be Part of A Supporting Community

2020 has been a challenging year. Many of us feel lonely, fearful, and unmotivated. We've lost our usual training community, training buddies in addition to any "normal" we used to have. 

Being part of something bigger than ourselves can help us stay connected to a community, keep us motivated, challenge us to stay creative, and bounce forward to new "normal" life. 

I have felt the need to provide a safe, inspiring, motivating community for more runners, skiers, and triathletes and serve more people than I can reach providing only one-on-one coaching. This is the product that grew out of that need, you are warmly welcomed to the Be Sisu Fit Posse!

We are a Fit Family - And Now You Are Part Of Us

A short story to demonstrate the power of healthy lifestyle. For Mother's Day this year during the lockdown in Dubai, my kids (in the picture from left Axel 6, Owen 9 and Mila 8 years old) and husband (Dylan) wanted to give me something special. They organized a Mother's Day Marathon, which turned into an Ultra Marathon as they just didn't want to stop running! I was completely taken by this initiative to our new Family Tradition. At the time I had suffered from Plantar Fasciitis for 7 months, and this turned out to be my longest walk/run in months! But the kids knew how much I love running and so they wanted to give me a present from the heart.

It was the best Mother's Day gift I've ever received and confirmed what I've tried to manifest, Do What You Love, and others will follow. We ended up running 46Kms in total, divided in 5 people. Owen and I ran 11kms, Mila 10, Dylan 9, and Axel 5Kms! We were all smiling, happy, and sharing a great new family tradition. Kids were stoked to get treats as well at the end of a hot morning! Mila is proudly presenting the Fanta she got to the photographer :D 

This day gave me an idea that has ultimately boiled down to this: Be Sisu Fit Posse, a family who shares the love for movement. Doing things we love to do and share it with others. 

Being part of the Posse, you will be part of something bigger than yourself, a family, and we will do a lot of fun things together, like Family Day Marathons, Virtual Races, Mom&Dad Challenges, etc. The sky is the limit! As part of Be Sisu Fit Posse, your family becomes part of this as well! 

PS. Did you know that if you have a supporting family, the sky is the limit for what you can achieve? And if you don't family who supports you, NOW you have a mighty sporty one! 

How it Works

Your Membership Benefits

Be a member of a growing Be Sisu Fit Community. This will give you access to a secret Facebook group, Strava group, and WhatsApp groups. 

Challenges & Virtual races
When there is no real race insight, we have created monthly challenges for you! 

Social Learning
Learn about nutrition, hydration, training, mental training from Marjaana Rakai, MSc in Sports Sciences, and other guest speakers.

Your training programs
You receive a 3-month, progressive training plan when you sign up including a strength and endurance training program, including weekly instructions on the video. 

You get your questions answered by a coach in regular Q&A sessions. You will also receive support from your coach and your fellow posse members on the Facebook group. 

Be Sisu Fit - kit
Well, of course, it wouldn't be much of a club without a kit now, would it! We are currently working on designing our kits, so stay tuned, but rest assured, it will be part of your membership fees!

Step One- Sign Up

You will find our sign-up links in our Training Tilt Store

Step Two - Check Email

You will receive your login details via email, remember to check junk folder

Step Three- Start training

Welcome to the Posse! You're set! Let's go!  

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I signup and what is included?

Hit "Become a Posse Member" It will take you through onboarding forms. Once your forms are submitted, you will receive further instructions. 

You will receive a 12-week long exercise program, access to a private Facebook support forum, access to a training diary app "TrainingTilt", weekly video from your coach explaining the training program, how to modify, and other tricks and tips. You will also get your questions answered via Q&A sessions biweekly, you will get to participate in virtual challenges and receive advice related to training and a healthy lifestyle. You will also receive 30% discount on future 1-on-1 coaching and other training programs. 

Are there any fixed-term contracts?

Our posse membership requires at least 3 months of commitment to see optimal results. You will pay 39USD for 3 months commitment. You will always have access to our FB posse group, but your TrainingTilt app access will only be valid as long as you have an active training program. This one will expire after 3 months, but you will get discounted prices to our other training plans (take a look in the store, and if there is nothing that you like, send me an email and I can always design a specific plan for you). OR you can repeat another 3 months training plan again.

Is this membership for all fitness levels?

Yes! No matter your gender, age, or fitness level! 

Our training programs are designed for all levels, AND I will teach you how to modify for yourself. Each week I will explain the workouts and I will be available for questions via FB or TrainingTilt communication wall.

Training programs are progressive, meaning they become more challenging as you progress, get fitter, and stronger. 

This is not an individualized program but follows solid scientific exercise physiology principles and proven methods to achieve results. 

Always check with your health care provider before starting a new workout plan to make sure it is right for you.

How do I receive my training plans?

Once you sign up, you will receive access to your training plan via the Training Tilt app where you can either download and print out the plan or follow from App. We will send you all the detailed info via email. You can start training within 24-48 hrs of signing up! 

How long do I have my training plan and can I repeat them? 

Your training plan is yours to keep, my friend! And of course, you can repeat it. But remember after 3 months of regular training, you will be a lot stronger and fitter and I recommend you start from week 4 again.  I will give you instructions on how to add volume or intensity to your training plan if you decide to repeat it. Once a Posse, always a Posse! You will also keep the access to the FB group even after 3 months so you can share your #wins and #struggles with your fellow posse members.

If I decide to switch my plan to one-on-one coaching, do I get a discount, being a member of the Posse? 

You betcha, my friend! All existing members will get discounted prices to all Be Sisu Fit services. For example, say you joined for 3 months as a Posse member, tested the waters, and liked my training philosophy and the way I do things. Say racing is back on and you are ready to step up a level, and want one-on-one coaching. I will send you a discount code for one-on-one coaching (don't tell anyone but it's -40% off!!)! 


The information provided in this 12-week workout plan is provided “as is” and is intended to promote general health improvement through exercise and lifestyle habits. It is not intended as medical advice, and should not be used to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any medical conditions.

You should not use this program as a substitute for the health advice, diagnosis, or treatment from a qualified professional. Each individual will have their own specific needs and the information and recommendations contained in this program are designed as a set of “generic guidelines” only. This program does not consider any person’s specific objectives, situations, or individual requirements. 

Marjaana Rakai & Be Sisu Fit makes no warranties or representations, expressed or implied, as to the accuracy, completeness, reliability, or suitability of the information contained or referenced in this guide. The information is subject to professional differences of opinion, human error in preparing this information, and unique differences in individuals’ situations.

By registering and/or following the information provided in the guide and workout videos you do so at your own risk. Marjaana Rakai & Be Sisu Fit not liable for any loss, experience, or injury resulting from any action taken or reliance made by you on any of the information or material contained in or throughout this program. If you use, or otherwise rely on, any of the information in this program you are responsible for ensuring, by independent verification, its currency, accuracy, completeness, reliability, and relevance to your own personal and individual circumstances. You should always obtain any appropriate professional health advice relevant to your particular circumstances. 

Copyright and all other intellectual property rights towards materials contained in the videos and digital guides are owned by Marjaana Rakai & Be Sisu Fit. No intellectual property rights or other rights in, and to, the information and materials in this program are transferred to any person who acquires or may use, this program. you may not adapt, reproduce, publish or distribute copies of any materials contained in this program (including, but not limited to text, logos, graphics, photographs, video, or images) in any form including all electronic means.

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